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I am a science and medical communicator with decades of experience across a variety of media for a variety of clients. I've won awards for my work in journalism, science writing, corporate communications, radio programming, and development, not because the products looked good (but they do because I work with wonderful designers), but because they met their goals - including helping people learn something about health and science.


I have been a clerk/reporter for a major metropolitan daily newspaper, a lab tech and a manager of a cancer research lab, a senior medical writer for a major research university, a director of scientific and medical communication for a national non-profit organization, and an owner of a small business, Amy Stone Scientific and Medical Communications, Inc. 

Through my company, I work  around the globe, crafting communications plans, programs, and products that enable organizations to achieve their goals through strategic and evidence-based communications. I also mentor and speak on communicating to various audiences. My clients include national and international non-profit organizations, government centers, major universities, and various media outlets. 


Please explore some our recent projects.

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